Disobey [EP]

by Poisoner

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Wiley Watson
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Wiley Watson This EP was so thrash when the first track started a beer magically appeared in my hand and the urge to kick an emo kids ass. You guys are fucking sick. \m/ Favorite track: Disobey the Force.
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DISOBEY is our 4-track debut EP. This record offers heavy, fast and aggressive thrash to bang your head to. The music is mainly inspired by the old-school 80s Thrash Metal scene, and this influence is clearly to be heard.

The entire EP was recorded December 2014 at Bohemian Records, Copenhagen in just 3 days.


released January 28, 2015

Poisoner consists of..

Lauritz Andersen: Vocals, Lead & Rhytmn Guitars
David Leon Bjørndam: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Lasse Sølling Madsen: Bass
Emil Deleuran Poulsen: Drums

All music and lyrics by Lauritz Andersen



all rights reserved


Poisoner Denmark

Poisoner is a Danish Thrash Metal band formed in 2011 by Lauritz Andersen. Poisoner became a band in 2012, when Emil Deleuran joined in as a drummer. Guitarist David Bjørndam and bassist Lasse Sølling joined the band in January 2014.

Poisoner has recently released their debut EP ''Disobey''
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Track Name: Catastrophic Death
Children put to death
Starvation and fear has spread
The vowed prosperity was deceit
All buildings are destroyed in these abandoned streets
Unrighteous torment
for the rest 99 percent
Conspiracy of the elite
United monopolies - we pay the price for greed

The stench of death is thick in the air
Our society is affected by despair
Healthiness is unattainable
Poverty‘s the cause of death

Fear, famine, decease
War for survival has been released
Treatment has been given no thought
Corpses lie on the ground to shrivel and rot
New sicknesses causing pain
Infectious and inhumane
Dispersion of demise
Deliverance and recovery is denied

Catastrophic Death!

Polluted water, polluted air
Our society is in despair
No help’s obtainable
Condemned to live with death

No government or regime
No self-structured societies to see
Only chaos reigns in this hell
The whole world population knows this well
We kill for basic needs
While the elite laughs at the scarcity
To survive we’re compelled
To buy the overpriced, contaminated products they sell

Catastrophic Death
They’ve lost control, now we're all to die!
Track Name: Ferocious Potentate
An entire country, controlled by one man
Domination, abused power
The limit of insanity has reached a critical point
Media manipulation, your brain he’ll devour
Illusionary rights, suppression of every citizen
Forced to ignore their essential demands
Abandoned is resistance and opposition
Forced to adapt to every command

Eventually the population dies
- Only the wealthy to stay alive
A country built on greed and hate
Condemned by a ferocious potentate

You think you’re free, but freedom is an illusion,
Your mind is not to awake from this state
Everyone trapped in nationwide confusion
Victims of these lies - no hope to escape
Condemned, underprivileged civilization
Eyes are too blinded to clearly see
Everyone has to obey the given commandments
If they says they’re unrighteous, it’s deceit

Eventually the population dies
- Only the powerful to stay alive
A country built on greed and hate
Condemned by a ferocious potentate

Obsessed to conquer the world,
Insurgency to subvert
Turns the lowest class into an army
To benefit his unsound mind
Employing them for a new war
To dominate the world into mayhem
A threat to all nations on earth
The war has begun!

Country collapses and suffers from starvation
Now as the ''noble'' leader is dead
Citizens are crying miserable tears
Because no hope is left
Death, disease throughout the country
Only a few are alive after the defeat
Welfare, felicity - a mindless conceit
Prosperity will never be reachieved

Now the population cries
only very few did stay alive
A world built on greed and hate
Condemned by a ferocious potentate

At once the population cries
only very few did stay alive
A world built on greed and hate
Condemned by a ferocious potentate
Track Name: Disobey the Force
Souls compelled to suffer
You’re all living vile, unworthy lives
Slaves of a vicious system
That controls your future and your minds
Endless Pain through mental torture, you trust their lies
Media-manipulation blinds your eyes
Pre-determined future, there’s no surprise
Your life’s controlled until you die

Disobey the Force
Or they’ll pollute your mind

Minds so full of misery
Everyone is trapped in a horrid maze of life
Not knowing any true meaning to life’s existence
since to live is worse than to die
The force will pollute your mind to obey orders your entire life
Pull your strings and make sure you have no rights
Turn on the idiot tube, and feel how you slowly turn blind
Learn and repeat their ways, 'til it's time for your demise

Disobey the force
Or they will pollute your mind
Disobey the Force
Total Control!

Mindless fools not questioning the system - existing to obey
Living by the norm, just like the rest – not aware of their false ways
Insane ways of manipulation – a fact, that can’t be hidden away
Not realizing, they’re controlled like puppets, but slowly their minds will decay

Senseless monotony a problem that is caused
By media and society’s nonsensical norms
Enslaved minds, educated to be blind
From the very beginning to the end of their lives
False Individuality – pretending to be yourself
Just a cheap imitation of everybody else
Adapting to whatever is common and popularly liked.
Obeying brainless demands, but what’s the reason why?

Follow every lie, that they make
follow every single rule, that they’ll create
Live like a slave, without to cry
and get respect from the majority,
but what’s the reason why?
What’s the reason why?
Rather slavery than non-conformity
but what’s the reason why?

Love and art– no longer appreciated, while true meaning is hid away
Consume or die - ‘’You must consume, support our lies’’

You live just to satisfy your masters’ demands
In the name of the stability of this society, which is viciously structured: sacrificing your freedom in order to replace it with artificial happiness

Disobey the force
Don’t let them get your mind
Disobey the force
Or they will get your mind!
Track Name: Poisoner
Caught in a room of death
nailed to the wall
A sinister shadow comes across
eager to escape
Cut by a vicious blade
anxiety, fear of dying
Blends blood with poison
Torture and inhuman cruelty


Feeling the pain inside as the poison replaces the blood,
turning numb, solidified blood, torture, smell of death.


Killing and asphyxiating
toxic substances
Abuse and punishment
facing your last days
Suffering before annihilation
intoxicated blood
Unpredictable is your end
infinite pain!